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Our team is passionate about helping organizations create productive and positive work environments. We pride ourselves in combining the diverse background of our team to provide the client with creative, tailored and unique solutions for today’s complex performance challenges. We work across a multitude of industries, functions and levels.  We tailor our approach to include virtual and in-person options, depending on the current needs and state of business.

Bottom line, we help people be their best and companies thrive.

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Genuis can be described as looking at what everyone else is looking at but seeing something different. Are you able to see the Purple Cows around you?


Creating the Future: How to Spot Trends and Stay In Front of Change

Description: Join us on Tuesday, July 30th at 11 AM for a 30-minute, free webinar! Come join us for a discussion regarding the why, how, and what of tracking trends. With change happening so rapidly, a skill all of us should develop and fine-tune. Our TEAm of consultants will share how they’ve helped clients create the future by staying connected within and outside of their world of expertise. This session will include an opportunity for Q&A after the 30-minute webinar.

Date: July 30th, 2024

Time: 11:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time

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