We look at challenges in today’s workplace and try to provide some perspective to manage them more effectively.  Each video offers numerous tips and techniques to address these challenges in a practical manner.


Company Survival Guide for Caring for Staffing During the COVID-19 Pandemic & Change

Quick Tip Video 9 min

Leaders and their HR teams have a lot to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are the efforts everyone needs to take to prevent the spread of the illness. This requires coordinating healthy business operations if you have essential employees reporting to work or once employees start returning to the job. There is also the challenge of balancing an employee’s privacy with the staff’s right to know when an employee tests positive for the virus. And finally, the importance of interim morale efforts that help people navigate these volatile and unprecedented times.



How to Stay Sane and Resilient through Chaos

Quick Tip Video 16 min

Resilience has never been more critical. But it doesn’t just show up in us out of demand or because the situation calls for it. It’s a skill that’s built from a combination of your mindset and the actions you take. To truly be resilient you have to move past the simple desire to survive whatever challenges you face and focus on developing the ability to thrive, even in times of uncertainty. This video includes tips and frameworks for developing the discipline of resilience.



Top Ten Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

Quick Tip Video 11 min

With so many people working from home, leading effective virtual meetings has become a critical skill. The challenge is so many of us weren’t necessarily the best at running meetings in the first place. This video combines best meeting practices with the targeted tips that apply to the virtual world we are all currently working in.



How to Tackle the Future When the Present Feels So Uncertain

Quick Tip Video 14 min

There is so much ambiguity and unknown.  Business and the workplace is ever changing, and it can feel challenging to attain a sense of control.  This video addresses the way we are thinking and feeling with so much uncertainty on the horizon, and it provides some perspective and steps for us to take in order to create forward momentum.



Come hear us have a conversation amongst people in the firm discussing issues and challenges we all face in today’s workplace.  You’ll hear a variety of perspectives based on our different backgrounds and experiences.


Time Management

Conversation 8 min

We talk about the challenges of managing our time, our most limited resource.  We offer a few different perspectives on ways to be more efficient and effective with the limited time we all possess.




Conversation 7 min

We are all parents and have the ongoing challenge of managing work and home, especially in this blended time where we do them simultaneously in the same location.  You’ll hear us share our experiences and offer some life hacks on how we’ve tried to manage it and keep our sanity.  Here’s a hint; we’re not always successful.




Conversation 8 min

Staying motivated and motivating others can take up a lot of energy.  We discuss some of the challenges associated with motivation and offer a few ideas from our own experiences.